Monday, November 10, 2008

Alien Intruder (USA, 1992)

(Trailer.) A good example of how to make a movie from nothing—no budget, no story, no point. Oh woe is the situation of co-star Billy Dee Williams, to be reduced to appearing in such laughably bad video fodder so as to pay the rent and buy the booze. Alien Intruder is sci-fi fiasco with recycled sets, a lot of ridiculous machismo and hilarious special effects. Four convicts are selected by Billy Dee to travel to the G Sector, an unexplored part of space, to rescue (?) or salvage (?) or find out what happened (?) to a freight shipper that went lost there. When not at work or cracking bad wisecracks, the four are put into suspended animation to dream, which allows the director to pad the film with a western story line, a Casablanca interlude, a surfer’s wet dream and a Wild Angels (1966) rip off. (We are saved from suffering Billy Dee’s dream, probably due to budget limitations.) Suspense is null, the naked tits are much too fleeting and the blood comes in unconvincing rivulets, although more than once the film does get some good laughs, abet unintentionally. The plot is more or less about an alien (played by television and B-movie starlet Tracy Scoggins) that appears as "Ariel," a hot-blooded, heavy-breathing sex bomb, first in the dreams of and then in the flesh before the various men. For no logical reason, she drives the men mad with desire and jealousy until they finally kill each other off one by one. Why or how she does so is never completely explained, but who cares? Luckily, director Ricardo Jacques Gale has only forced his bad taste upon the public with one other film, a third-class sword and sorcery turkey from 1993 variously entitles Eyes of the Serpent or In the Time of Barbarians II. Still, given another decade or two, the patina of age could make this turkey almost as much fun as an Ed Wood flick.

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