Sunday, March 28, 2021

Short "Film": The Sleep Fairy (Germany, 2019)

"Success has many fathers. But particularly in highly disruptive markets, communication plays a central role in determining whether the brand succeeds or not. So seize the opportunity, analyse the competition's TV advertising and create something unique."
A.k.a. Don't Worry, Sleep Happy, this short here is actually an advertisement — as in commercial — of a European mattress company. Where and when this advertisement was ever screened or broadcast, we know not, but obviously enough it can be found on YouTube
The advert is an attempt by the mattress firm to follow the concept explained above by The Restless CMO. Success when doing so can lead, in the best case, to internet success: a meme that gets spread all over the place, reaching an audience far beyond that which simple screenings on TV or in cinemas ever do — and that, free of additional charge. (Example: the Volkswagon terrorist commercial, which supposedly VW did not authorize and was never officially screened on TV or in cinemas.)
The Sleep Fairy didn't quite do that, and still remains obscure today. The Restless CMO's review of the advertisement also functions well as a possible explanation why it never 'memed': "Lukewarm. Good idea, good story, but implemented too long-windedly and conventionally. With a braver narrative structure this spot would have made the top of my list. Too bad. Frank had more in him, the old sleep fairy." 
But much of what the Restless CMO sees as flaws are what we like about this well-made commercial: the leisurely pace helps remove the "advertisement feeling" and makes the production seem more like a "real" short film, something the conventional filmic style  also underscores. The humor is always present, but never overstated. And while it might be "long" for a commercial, its length is perfect for a short film.
In any event, to quote the creative agency that made the commercial, MOTOR Kommunikation: "Let us introduce you to Frank, professional sleeping fairy. A real professional. How 'Emma' first changed his job, and then his life, is best told first-hand." 
The Sleep Fairy a.k.a Don't Worry, Sleep Happy:

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