Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Short Film: Oh, Christmas Tree

Another year has gone by and once again t'is the season to be jolly and celebrate uncontrolled, pointless consumerism with people who get on your nerves around a dying or plastic tree decorated with tacky things… And also the season for our yearly Christmas short, a short chosen (as done [almost] every December) with the Christmas spirit in mind.
This year, a 23-second quickie complete with money shot entitled Oh, Christmas Tree, created by some 6' 1" (1.85 m) guy named Ted Bracewell, who no longer seems to have a website ("Site Suspended"). And while we don't exactly know when he made his short, it has been available at his equally stagnate YouTube presence since 2015. ("I'm working on new stuff. I apologize it's taken forever, but I promise this channel is not dead! Thank you and God bless! — Ted") 
Oh, Christmas Tree was originally created for Eli Roth's, The Crypt, your favorite semi-unknown online source for internet horror. Enjoy… and then check out our Christmas shorts of the past, listed and linked further below. (And maybe even go over to YouTube to enjoy Bruce Blain's Mad Santa.)

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