Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Short Film: Rabbit

Run Wrake is a talented English illustrator, commercial artist and filmmaker with an interesting and pleasantly twisted vision. His website reveals the extent of his activities and also offers an enjoyable overview of past works. His 2005 film Rabbit was a commission funded through Finetake by the Arts Council England and Channel 4 and took approximately 16 months to complete. Not surprisingly, Rabbit has raked in awards at short film festivals across the world.Rabbit narrates what happens when a boy and a girl discover a magical idol that can supply them with never-ending wealth: Their unbridled greed quickly causes them to lose all moral and ethical values – with fatal results.
Wrake made Rabbit using approximately 200 educational stickers from the 1950s that were found in a junk shop some twenty-plus years ago, and he has stated that the biggest challenge faced was the creation of movement from such limited source material. He mastered the challenge well, and created a compelling, hypnotic and visually intriguing horror movie dealing with the concepts of "lost innocence, greed and nature."
Rabbit was written, directed and produced by Run Wrake, music is by Howie B & Craig Richards, sound by Craig Butters & Cliff Jones, and Martin Morris & Barnaby Hewlett were animation assistants.

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