Thursday, June 3, 2010

Short Film: Eggs (USA, 2006)

This short film is so frigging stupid I promptly fell in love with it when I stumbled on it on YouTube. Written and directed by Dane Boedigheimer (aka Daneboe), the dude shown here at the left sharing his nipple with us, the film stars a dozen eggs and a gal named Theresa. Daneboe seems not only to have been a Clutch Cargo fan as a kid, but is an Adobe After Effects specialist as well. He's made lot of talking foodstuff horror and comedy short films, including a number that are entertaining riffs on the same basic idea as Eggs such as (among others) Terrified Corn Cobs and Marshmallow Murder. Dane is also a productive producer of Goth Art, as can be seen here at his website.
According to the website of Gagfilms, which he co-founded in 2005 with some other expats from his home state, Dane was raised in Harwood, North Dakota, a town of 696 inhabitants and which, according to the town website, is “a quiet, rural community surrounded by vast open farmland, rich soil, fresh air and is filled with friendly people with Midwestern values who care about their neighbours.” (No wonder the lad seems to have such a weird sense of humour—the place sounds like a David Lynchian nightmare.) Having a lot of free time on his hands when he was growing up, he began to make short 8mm films with his younger brother, “many of which are only funny to him[self]." It is perhaps inevitable, then, that Daneboe ended up in California, where he is still determined to make “the perfect short comedy film” that “will end all social problems and bring laughter to all the children of the world.” In the meantime, he earns his rent, beer and condom money making commercials.
In a case of what one could call synchronicity, a guy named Eric Bickernicks made a similar if somewhat more primitive film called Scrambled Eggs in 1984.

As an added attraction, you can Clutch Cargo – Space Station here.

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