Friday, September 27, 2019

Short Film: Carrot Crazy (Florida, 2011)

Men. In an odd way, this short little animated thesis film does well at reflecting what would happen if the capitalistic cosmetic surgery sphere were to invent a feasible and effective penis enlargement treatment. ("The bigger the better, the tighter the ... jockstrap"?) 
But before we take that any further, let's get to the film at hand: Carrot Crazy, the grad project of two students, Dylan Vanwormer and Logan Scelina, at Ringling College of Art and Design. T'is a tale of two men after something small, warm, and furry: a wabbit. And thus the size-war starts, and goes on until they lose sight of the little, warm, furry object of desire... 
Nothing deep here, but the tale is short and to the point and the film really doesn't overstay its welcome. And the animation is spot on: from the well-delineated "types" of the two males (twink and lumberjack-clone daddy) to the truly readable facial expressions of the rabbit. Enjoy.

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