Thursday, June 27, 2019

Short Film: Raising a Nuisance (Detroit, 2016)

It's hot outside. It's hot inside. It's hot everywhere — too hot to concentrate on writing a blog entry. So, for this month's Short Film of the Month here's a short entry for a short little visual ditty: Playing Possum Productions' Raising a Nuisance.
Plot: "A Necromancer tries to raise an army of the undead to take over the world, but she unwittingly only revives one campy skeleton, who tries his best to please his new master." (Hmm… shouldn't that be: "[…] which tries its best to please its new master"?)
 Nothing deep here: just a pleasant homage to silent movies featuring some well-done stop motion work. Short. Fun. Enjoy. (We'll ge verbose again next week, when this European heatwave is — we hope — over with.)
PS: Playing Possum Productions are/were Danielle Raymond, Jason McCullough, Justin Hoffman and Stevie Quigley.

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