Tuesday, February 13, 2024

A Message from Our Sponsors

"When the park siren sounds, it's time to run for your lives!"

We were brought to this funny but horrific "advertisement" by way of the ever-entertaining website boingboing, a source of interesting things that we followed way back when it was a printed magazine.* Boingboing, which is always full of interesting leads and even an occasional decently priced deal from their sponsors, wrote: "Love it or hate it, there's one thing computer now do extremely well — generating AI nightmare fuel.** AI seems to excel at the terrifying and the grotesque, and this AI-generated 1950s-style TV commercial is pretty much peak AI horror. [...]"
* How we wish Murder Can Be Fun, that great 'zine by Johnny Marr, would likewise recreate itself for the web.
** Does another thing even better: destroy jobs.
Posted at the Meme Dream Machine on YouTube, a relatively new channel, low on content at the moment, though that is sure to change. With Pookky Park (made with: "Script: ChatGPT. Photos: Midjourney. Video: PikaLabs, Runway."), apparently their first attempt at creating a meme, they hit a homer — one that might be difficult to top.
The B&W version above is the original, but as perhaps to be expected, someone used AI to create a colorized version.

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