Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Short Film: A Great Big Robot from Outer Space Ate My Homework (Canada, 2005)

An old idea given a new twist and converted into an appealing, concise, well-made and funny film.
Anyone who watches this short is sure to remember some teacher from hell of the past, and will probably wish the same thing happened to them. (I, for one, promptly thought of a Mr. Lancto in the late 70s of GW High in Alexandria, VA, if that's even the right way to spell his name.)
A Great Big Robot from Outer Space Ate My Homework was made at the Vancouver Film School (VFS) in 2005 by then-student Marc Shirra, a former broadcast graphic designer. There ain’t much info about Shirra out on the web, but since completing the film and getting kudos all over the world for it, he has become a technical director at Pixar Animation Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, where one assumes he still pursues his hobbies of running, photography, snowboarding and hiking.
At Pixar, he was involved as a layout artist in both Up! (2009 / trailer) and WALL•E (2008 / trailer).

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