Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short Film: Roof Sex by PES

PES is the chosen moniker of Adam Pesapane, an English Lit graduate of the University of Virginia now living in NYC who moved on to become a successful stop-motion animator of films and commercials. Like so many producers of surreal stop-motion films, his work features an obvious influence of the great Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer. Which doesn’t mean that they aren’t original or different, for they truly are. His short film Western Spaghetti, which won an Audience Award at Annecy, one of the world's premiere animation festivals, was chosen by Time Magazine in 2008 as the second best viral short on the Net.
Roof Sex was his first short film, and it too won an award at Annecy, as the Best First Film. Though but a minute long, Roof Sex took 20 shooting days to complete. The short, like the best of his work, displays some finely caustic humor and a fine grasp of the technique.
The films of PES are easy to find on the net, either on YouTube or on his homepage.

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