Thursday, December 13, 2018

Short Film: Beauty of Horror – Christmas Claymation (USA, 2018)

So, once again t'is the season to be pretend to be jolly and feel brotherly love, support crass commercialism and gain weight and argue with the family and generally repeat the same shit as last year and every year before. And as we are always in awe of Christmas commercialism, this year's Christmas-themed Short Film of the Month is actually a commercial that we stumbled upon via our DuckDuckGo search "christmas horror animation". What can we say… other than, "Cool!"

But we also don't have a lot of time to verbosify today, so let's just look at what Movieweb says: "Christmas horror may in fact be one the the greatest subgenres of all time. Alan Robert's The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas coloring book gets treated to its own NSFW claymation video. Santa has been possessed in Robert's Ghosts of Christmas coloring book by the popular undead Ghouliana from the author's previous installments in the series. Santa goes on a crazy killing spree, murdering all of his friends and it's truly disturbing. Everything is so well done, and it's so graphic. It's hard to un-see, so if you're squeamish about watching the Elf on the Shelf get ripped apart, stay away from this video and coloring book." 
Alan Robert worked together with the claymation dude Trent Shy, whose great page at YouTube is just waiting for your visit.
In any event, here at a wasted life we wish you a Hairy Christ Pissed Day and a Flabby Boo Year! And after you've enjoyed the short above, check out some of the past Christmas Short Films of the Month listed and linked directly below for easy access.

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