Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Short Film: The Passenger (Australia, 2000-2006)

Here's an award-winning little film from down under, a labor of love by Chris Jones, who took roughly six years to complete it. To simply quote what he himself writes at his website, "Chris Jones has been wasting time on this silly drawing, animating, [and] music-making nonsense virtually since the day he was born in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Whilst mucking around getting an Industrial Design degree at Swinburne University of Technology, he began working as a freelance children's book illustrator, and following graduation continued illustrating and animating before becoming a computer game artist at Beam Software (later to become Infogrames). He left Infogrames in May 2000 to work full-time on The Passenger, which he didn't complete until 2006. He is still recovering from the ordeal."
A little, funny tale of horror and revenge, The Passenger is both effective and entertaining, while the entire set up and editing of scenes reveals an eye that would probably serve a life-action horror movie well. It seems rather a shame that the filmmaker doesn't seem to have ever recovered from the ordeal to become a productive filmmaker, live action or animation. (Although he did complete the extremely short, one-punch "short" found here.)
Chris Jones only ever uploaded a low-res version of his film, so should you want to see it in finer quality, you should buy it from him. Info for doing that is found here.

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