Monday, June 26, 2017

Short Film: Love of the Dead (USA, 2011)

A slow film, but an oddly disturbing one.
This short, a student project from Yale, of all places, is seriously disquieting on too many levels. Not funny; upsetting — a seriously effective (if not affective) short horror that deserves a wider audience than its obscurity gives it. 
Hell, for once, we couldn't even enjoy that the lead guy, Robert (Brian Young), had a hot bod. For that, we wouldn't even say that we enjoyed the movie. But we couldn't stop watching, and probably neither can you.
Back in 2010, when the film debuted, Young rather ingeniously told Yale News, "[Love of the Dead] is a complex film, very different from the regular horror genre. It's a romance and a zombie film at the same time. You don't really see that in this genre very often — nor a zombie girlfriend for that matter." Complex, the film is; a romance, it is not. In fact, the guy is far more an unhinged sexual predator than a romantic.
And now that we have watched it till the end, we need a shower. "Enjoy".

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