Monday, October 29, 2012

Short Film: The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten... (USA, 2008)

For our Short Film of the Month for October 2012 we present this sad and scary but oddly moving tale of childhood misery that ends in tragedy for everyone involved. As revealed by the film's title, the tale involves a little girl forgotten by everyone, and the disastrous outcome of a midnight wish for a friend...
The story and art is from Katy Towell, seen here to the left drinking tea, a Kansas-born lass now living in La La Land and earning her curds and whey as a graphic designer, writer and illustrator – you can buy her art online over her website, or her graphic novel Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow at fine bookstores of exquisite taste. Ms Towell is also a maker of truly unique films that reflect a terrifying world cruel and unjust as seen through the eyes of scary children; go to her other website Childrin r scary for more oddly enticing if bleak and tragic stories of lost innocence and childhoods from hell.
The film is narrated by Tim Jones, and music is by Kevin MacLeod.

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