Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shameless Self-Promotion

Capitalism makes strange bedfellows!
Imagine: an author from A Wasted Life — actually, A Wasted Life's only author, seeing that this blog is a one-person undertaking — is now also writing for some other website, a place called Hermann's, which has absolutely nothing to do with films. Usually. Food is more their thing.
One article there, however, does deal with movies: Ten Food Movies We Like.
OK, none but one of the movies listed are of the type we would usually feature at A Wasted Life — and that one has also been reviewed here years ago — but we have seen them all and do like them. (Our taste is broader than A Wasted Life might lead one to believe.) Check it out...
Maybe, just maybe, they might eventually publish my Trolls 2 (1990 / trailer) review. That movie is a food film, too.

And whence comes the GIF above? From the classic music video to Peter Gabriel's song Sledgehammer, directed by Stephen R. Johnson (12 July 1952 – 26 Jan 2015. May he R.I.P.) Lots of food in that video.

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