Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sukkubus - Die Nacht der Dämonen (Germany 2000)

A bunch of losers get together to call up demons and they call up a succubus that takes over the body of the best looking girl, blows her tits up to silicon-overdose size before killing all the rest but for one guy named Tobias (Dirk Vorndamme) who harbours the reincarnation soul of some asshole she wants to call up from the dead to assist her in killing her succubus sister so that she can reclaim her once envious spot in hell. In hell, some second rate demon wants to climb up the corporate ladder with the help vintage bottled soul, while his dimwit helper gets enamoured by a fallen angel. Some other stuff happens, too, but not much…
Sukkubus - Die Nacht der Dämonen is the first film of Robert Block, who went on four years later to direct one other equally unknown film in 2004 entitled Der VIII Grad (which translates into The Eighth Degree) and has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth since then. A horror comedy, the little over an hour long flick feels very much like a student film or the weekend project of a bunch of amateur "thespians." While much of the bad acting – especially that of Robert Block as Devil Robe – can be overlooked as being simply "hammy," more than once some of the actors simply have a hard time keeping a straight face. This might indicate that they had fun making the film, but it doesn’t make the film more fun for the viewer. (It also doesn’t help any that most of the actors were dubbed by someone else than the actors themselves.) The computer animation isn't much better, but is much easier to forgive: Who, after all, really expects a Z-budget film to have top-notch CGI? (Look at Van Helsing (2004/trailer): It had a real budget, but the CGI suck anyways.) As for the muppet characters, they are no better or worse than what one once saw on Farscape (1999-2003), but in all truth, they sucked there, too.
Sukkubus - Die Nacht der Dämonen (which translates, in case you can’t figure it out, into Succubus - The Night of the Demons) would be a really lame film if it weren’t so obvious that its lameness is pretty much intentional. As it is, it’s a tacky, direly acted film that also has a couple of good laughs, cheesy effects, third-rate make-up and real (and fake) tits. In other words, if you really have nothing else to watch you could do a lot worse – you could get stuck watching What Women Want (2000/trailer), for example – but still, even at 65 minutes, the film is a little too long.

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