Monday, February 9, 2009

Short Film: Staplerfahrer Klaus - Der erste Arbeitstag / Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job (Germany, 2000)

Staplerfahrer Klaus has been one of my favorite accidental discoveries for a long time now and has long since become mandatory viewing (as the supporting film) for anyone that comes over to my place to watch DVDs. A satire of educational films like those we of the US were forced to watch in Drivers Ed, the roughly 9-minute-long film looks and feels like a true industrial safety film up until the humour — and splatter — kicks in.
In Germany, the film has an additional “realistic” edge in that it is narrated by Egon Högen, a voice well-known from educational series and other miscellaneous voiceovers. Klaus himself is played by Konstantin Graudus, a familiar television actor. His last feature film work worth mentioning was in Christian Alvart's lousy serial-killer-vs.-faith film Antikörper / Antibodies (2005/trailer), which seems to get rave reviews everywhere but I thought sucked deer-dick. 
Stefan Prehn’s website is here; regrettably, I have been unable to locate Jörg Wagner's contact information.

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