Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Short Film: Le Noeud Cravate / The Necktie (Canada, 2008)

Here's a semi-melancholic little tale, dabbed with a dash of horror, from the French-speaking northernmost of the Americas, written and directed by Jean-François Lévesque. Lévesque, born in Saint-Gabriel, Quebec, is now Montreal-based, but other than that we know naught.
The short is an interesting mixture of animation styles, and it reflects an experience that most people have in their life: the erasure, if not eradication, of one's joys and dreams by the meaningless drudgery of the modern working world. Will it kill you, as it does so many others?
But as the film points out, don't lose all hope: it is never too late to rediscover that which made or makes you happy — you just need to wake up again. (Wakey-wakey.)

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