Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trailer of Promise – Films We Haven't Seen: The Pink Angels (1971)

DVD Drive-In points out the obvious about The Pink Angels, "the world's only gay biker [feature] film": "The Pink Angels is a film most can't believe was actually written, directed, acted, and released to theaters! Who was the audience for this film?" People like us, probably.

Get ready for ten pounds of dangling fury!”

Balladeer's Blog is of the opinion that The Pink Angels, with its "70's version of camp with a premise and plot elements that would have been banned in previous decades", "is not a gay-bashing film. Instead, it's in the tradition of the many 'anti-establishment' films from back then with the gay bikers presented in a sympathetic way and the 'straights' as the heavies."
We personally have our doubts regarding how empowering this movie is, but the trailer is odd enough to garner our interest. By the looks of the trailer, we would place this comedy somewhere in the school of Glen or Glenda (1953 / trailer) incompetence or Let Me Die a Woman (1977 / trailer) off-the-mark sympathy — you know, like your cousin who says "I think all fags should be allowed to marry." But until we've seen it, we'll give The Pink Angels a benefit of the doubt.
Over at Trailers from Hell, Larry Karaszewski is of the opinion that The Pink Angels truly is from hell, that it's "one of the most aimless and boring films ever made", is unwatchable, and the trailer is the best thing about it. Trash Film Guru, on the other hand, says "give The Pink Angels a go right now. It's quite literally unlike anything else ever made."
Director Larry G. Brown (credited as "Lawrence Brown") went on to do two more forgotten films of note — the infamous horror An Eye for an Eye aka The Psychopath (1973 / "Oh, boy! Chocolate cake!") and the forgotten comedy Silent but Deadly (1986), about "America's first black, Jewish and female president [who] must save the nation from a smelly and lethal threat" — but doesn't seem to have been very active since his 2007 TV movie, The Rangers. The cast of The Pink Angels includes the token Afro-American Ronnie (Maurice Warfield), Henri (Robert Biheller), Arnold (Bruce Kimball of Dracula Vs. Frankenstein [1971] and many more noteworthy psychotronic films), Arnold's lover Eddie (Henry Olek, who in 2011 directed & co-wrote the horror movie The Guest Room aka Serving Up Richard [trailer]), and David (Tom Basham, 16 May 1942 - 29 July 2010, of Colossus: The Forbin Project [1970 / trailer]).

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