Thursday, March 28, 2013

Short Film: I, pet goat II (Canada, 2012)

So, this month we've decided to jump on the bandwagon and share this wonderfully surreal and beautifully nightmarish short film from the Northern regions of the Americas.  Directed and written by Louis Lefebvre, I, pet goat II is the product of Heliofant. To simply quote their website: "Based in the beautiful Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal, Canada, Heliofant is a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content. Bringing together artists from the fields of dance, music, computer animation and visual arts, the company is very interested in exploring the common ground that underlies many spiritual and philosophical traditions in a lyrical form." And they do exactly that in this short here, entitled I, pet goat II, which has been rather a viral success.
Personally, we're not too concerned with trying to figure out the myriad of symbolic and cultural references that gush from every frame of this short, particularly when other people have already done it in excess (see here  and here). We take a more philistine approach and simply say screw the meaning: ain't it just a visual and aural delight? Trance-like, disturbing, funny, beautiful, nightmarish, technically excellent — the movie is simply an amazing visual treat, as is the excellent music that scores it. I, pet goat II is simply a hypnotic film; it induces a state of transfixion and  makes us wanna go outside and blow up buildings... 
Not really, but it does make us think we could use a joint. Or should join the Masons. Or sacrifice a Christian child to Satan. Our draw a picture of Mohammed. Or vote Republican, all of which are about the same....
Leave it to those evil Masons and Illuminati of Canada to brainwash us with something as visually astounding and purty as this film here. As rabid atheists, we do find the film a bit too heavy in its Christian references, but we've never let god or Jesus stand in the way of enjoying something, and you shouldn't either. 
Watch I, pet goat II now — and be amazed.


Shen said...

the "christ" image symbolises the birth / rebirth of spirituality(since his image it's the most popular one used worldwide and asociated with birth/revival and so on) This awakening exits and demolishes all the religions and the dogmatic churches in the end!
A spirituality somehow much deeper connected to the stars/ Universe... and especially to the SUN but we also see a Moon reference as the spinning Sufi dancer that rises from the islamic rubble.
The so called "illuminati" symbol is actually the third eye symbol associated with the awakening One must have. It represented the 3'rd eye all along but "conspiracy theorists" decided to "hide" it on purpose or hijack it like churches did.(saying it's symbolises god.)

Even tho... we are "GOD", if you really need to use a label.

The movie shows the pain and trouble found on the path, One must follow to fully AWAKE!

The Sun activity/energy might drive this needed and unavoidable takes place :)
In 2020 a new 11 years solar cycle just begun. Experts say it will have the most powerfull coronal mass ejections we have ever seen, since the Sun activity in the past cycles only got stronger and stonger.

Abraham said...

Okay, why not?

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