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R.I.P.: Harry Novak, Part XIV: 1980–86

12 January 1928 — 26 March 2014

 "When I was a kid, my Daddy told me, 'There's a buyer for everything.' And I lived to find out that he was right."
Harry H. Novak

Harry H. Novak, alongside David F Friedman (24 December 1923 — 14 February 2011) one of the great (s)exploitation kings of the last half of the 20th century, died a year ago this month on 26 March 2014 at the age of 86.
A detailed career review of all the projects Harry H. Novak foisted upon the American public would be Sisyphean task at best and hardly possible, as no full and unequivocal list exists. What follows is a review of the films that we found that, for the most part, probably had Novak's involved somewhere along the way — and some that may not have. It is definitely not a complete list, and definitely not infallible, it is merely culled from sources reliable and unreliable that we found online. We also in no way suggest that the given release dates are the correct ones, they are merely the first ones we found.
If you know any we missed, feel free to send the title... 

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Sweet Surrender
(1980, dir. Dirk Milford)
As far as we can tell, the only movie "Dirk Milford" ever had anything to do with. Valiant International Pictures released the movie, according to Jason S. Martinko's The XXX Filmography, 1968-1988, which also offers a plot description: "York Madison (Roger Caine) has written a book about con-men who use elaborate schemes to have sex with young women. A female publisher (Tricia Ascot) is interested in selling his book and throws herself at him in her office. After she gets what she wanted, she tells York he's the one who’s been conned and he can shove his book."
Of the two leads, Tricia Ascot made one more film and disappeared, while  Roger Caine, a former Phili school teacher, can also be found in one George Romero's most depressing films, Martin (1976 / trailer below), as well as Doris Wishman's typically entertaining The Immoral Three (1975 / trailer) and her incoherently funny horror porno Come with Me My Love aka The Haunted Pussy (1976 / full NSFW movie). Michael Gaunt, who appears in the movie as the fast-talking photographer Michael Dayton, appears credited as "Perry Pirkanen" as one of the gravediggers in City of the Living Dead (1980).
Trailer to
Martin (1976):
At Pornonomy, Roger Feelbert rates the film a "C" and says "I'm going to hazard a guess that Mystery (that ridiculous 'pickup artist' douche) saw this movie when he was young and it served to shape his entire life and career. Granted, 'peacocking' isn't mentioned anywhere in the film, but the story is that an author is shopping a book of time-tested techniques for seducing women to a publisher. Predictably, the book's chapters are the film's hardcore scenes. (The structure of the film lends itself to being a clip recycler, but that doesn't seem to be the case.) The author claims the 'moves' are all legal, but a few — a man (Marc Valentine) pretends to be a doctor interviewing a new secretary (Merle Michaels); another man (Dave Ruby) pretends to be the manager of the Rolling Stones, convincing a fan (Samantha Fox of Doris Wishman's A Night to Dismember [1983 / full movie / trailer below] and Warrior Queen [1987]) to have sex with him in order to meet Mick Jagger — are ethically dubious. The best part of the film is the expository dialogue between the author and publisher. The script is obviously 'first draft' material [...] and the performances are earnest, but not... good. [...]"
Trailer to Doris Wishman's
A Night to Dismember (1983):

Sex Boat
(1980, writ. & dir. David I. Frazer & Svetlana)
Though a sex-heavy riff of Some Like It Hot (1959 / trailer), any similarities to the then-popular TV series The Love Boat (1977-87) is/was purely intentional.
The trailer to this movie is found on Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza of Sexploitation Trailers Vol 3, thus its inclusion here. The directorial début of David I. Frazer, aka David Marsh, the husband of female porno filmmaker Svetlana Marsh; Svetlana already had 800 Fantasy Lane (1979) and Ultra Flesh (1980) under her belt by the time he began to point cameras at body parts in action. David & Svetlana have also done a few non-porn projects, too, like the unknown horror movie Stormswept (1995 / see below) and the equally unknown fantasy, The Lords of Magick (1989 / trailer). "According to Ginger Lynn, Svetlana was a 6-foot-tall blonde, who (at one time) was the gong girl on The Gong Show on TV"; she was also known for being a filmmaker who paid performers well but treated them like cattle.
David & Svetlana Marsh's
Stormswept (1995):

The plot, as found all over the web: "When wealthy husbands send their rich wives away to relax, they send them on a cruise. But this cruise is women-only. Even the ship's crew is all female. But when two young men (Turk Lyon [12 Aug 1947 — 12 Dec 1990] and Randy West) sneak aboard disguised as women, the all-girl getaway becomes a hilarious sex romp. This blockbuster sex comedy is wetter than the water around it. Starring beautiful Roxanne Potts as the ship's captain and eighteen luscious, mouth-watering centerfolds, the Sex Boat is calling you aboard."
Carnal Cinema says: "Svetlana is probably the most renowned female director of the Golden Age [...]. Sex Boat is a prime example of her winning formula — an energetic, screwball comedy boasting sumptuous locations and an all-star cast. It's not especially cerebral but it's popular nonetheless. The movie begins with an extended — in truth, rather extraneous — sequence in which Kevin James [who died of testicular cancer at the age of 35 on 24 January 1990] confronts his wife (Loni Sanders) and her lover (Mike Ranger) over their affair. Having witnessed his typically 'adult' revenge — he ties his wife to a tree and has sex with two nubile women in front of her — the main story begins to take shape. [...] Cue comedic shots of two broad-shouldered men in drag, walking somewhat awkwardly on high heels, boarding the ship under the cover of their none-too-convincing disguise. The middle third of the movie is really just the adventures of our amorous heroes and their increasingly accommodating shipmates. However, things do take a dramatic turn when the ship is boarded by a group of lusty pirates — complete with eye-patches and bandannas! Rest assured, two burly cross-dressers are on hand to save the day. Sex Boat is enjoyable fluff and frequently finds its way on to lists of the best Golden Age movies. [..] Sex Boat is totally inconsequential but shouldn't be dismissed for that. Svetlana's movies [...] manage to maintain a sunny, carefree tone despite featuring their fair share of kinkiness and coercion. They also benefit considerably from being beautifully photographed and blessed with reasonable budgets. The work at hand is typical of this winning formula. [...]"
Among the multitude of female flesh is that of Little Oral Annie, making her porn debut; born Andrea Parducci, she retired from the biz in around 1986, married musician Buddy Owen, had two children, went New Age and now lives in Bolinas, CA, where she is a music teacher in the Bolinas-Stinson Union School District. Far less happy an ending awaited another popular Golden Age actress found in Sex Boat, the beautiful, puffied Kandi Barbour (seen below at the age of 14): born Kandie Dotson in Russellville, Alabama, on 15 February 1959, she was found as a dead homeless woman on January 26, 2012, in San Francisco.

(1980, dir. Anthony Spinelli)

Aka as Fantasmes a la carte — in France, where it got released as a "Burd Tranbaree" film, BT being the pseudonym used by Claude Bernard-Aubert for his pornographic productions. But according to most reliable sources, Anthony Spinelli made the film. It is yet another movie that our on-line search at the US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014) revealed that Novak and Valiant International Pictures applied for a copyright to — good enough a reason for us to take a look at it.
Hotline (aka Hot Line) is one of Anthony Spinelli's less-known projects, and other than for illegal downloads, little can be found online relating to it. One thing for sure, it didn't star Lynda Carter.
Luckily, Jason S. Martinko's The XXX Filmography, 1968-1988 is there to supply a plot: "A blonde cocktail waitress named Jessie (Jesie St. James aka Debbie Rose, Jessica St. James, June Stock, Jessie St. James, Jesse St. James, Sara Jean) celebrates her 35th birthday with depression and booze. When she gets a call from her little sister Kathy (Nicole Black aka Nicole Noire, Nicole Noir, Jeanette James) describing an affair with a pro tennis player (Eric Stein aka Lee Grober, Steven Ventura, Michael Johnston, Roy Guerro, Eric David, Michael Johnson, Eric Duro), it sparks some fantasies leading to scenes from various sexual affairs of Jessie's life."
Anthony Spinelli [21 Feb 1927 — 29 May 2000] — born Samuel Weinstein, aka M Hastings, David Spelvin, L. Wilson, Sam Gibbs, George Spelvin, Anthony Spinnelli, Sam Weston, Wes Brown, Arvid Bellar, Leonard Burke, Jack Armstrong, Sybil Kidd, Wendy Lions, Eric von Letch and surely more names — is often called "one of the best adult filmmakers ever", a statement we are unfit to comment upon, though we do hope one day to see his 1973 movie, Suckula (available NSFW but cut at xhamster).
Hotline, by the way, was the first film written by "Valdesta", otherwise known as Jacqueline Giroux (seen above/below) or Jackie Giroux or Robin Whitting or Val Desta. As we mentioned in R.I.P.: Harry Reems, Part VII, she is a "cult-worthy bit-part-actress former wife of Steve Railsback (of Disturbing Behavior [1998] and Ed Gein [2000]) found — sometimes uncredited — in numerous fun flicks such as Trick or Treats (1982 / trailer), Summer Camp (1979 / trailer — which we actually caught in a theater when it came out), Drive-In Massacre (1977 / trailer below), C.B. Hustlers (1976 / scene), Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1975 / trailer), Video Vixens (1975 / trailer), Terror on the Beach (1973 / full film), Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973 / trailer), Prison Girls (1972 / trailer), The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (1972) and Sweet Sugar (1972 / trailer)."
Trailer to
Drive-In Massacre (1977):

Little Orphan Dusty II
(1981, dir. Jourdan Alexander)

Little Orphan Dusty (see Novak Part XIII) seems to have done well enough to warrant a sequel, which Jourdan Alexander foisted upon the breathlessly waiting public (Not!) in 1981, once again — if a smidgen subtler — using Rhonda Jo Petty "resemblance" to Farrah Fawcett (or "? ?") as a selling point.
John Holmes's dong is no longer around, replaced by that of the former graduate American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York (1967), Eric Edwards. One of his earliest film credits is Is There Sex After Death? (1971), in which, credited as "Robb Everett", he appears as a clinic patient.
Trailer to
Is There Sex After Death? (1971):
As with Little Orphan Dusty, our on-line search at the US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014) reveals that Novak and Valiant International Pictures applied for a copyright to the movie — good enough a reason for us to take a look at it. Or to try to, at least: on-line, the poster is easy enough to find, but no one seems to have ever seen and written about the movie. Luckily, Jason S. Martinko's The XXX Filmography, 1968-1988 is there to supply a plot: "This follow-up to Little Orphan Dusty tries to tell a good story on a small budget, but doesn't quite make it. Someone is following and trying to kill Dusty (Rhonda Jo Petty). She takes comfort in the arms of Dr. Goldman (Michael Morrison [23 May 1946 — 22 Dec 2006, who is also found somewhere Crime Lords (1991 / scene from film below)]), and then John Perry (Eric Edwards). John visits the orphanage that Dusty grew up in and finds out that her mother is a rich old Hollywood movie star, Anna Harris (Angel Cash). It turns out that Anna's young lover (Kevin James as "Kevin Gibson") is trying to murder Dusty so she'll have no claim to her mother's inheritance."
Stupid Scene from
Crime Lords:
Among the names of those who did the music for Little Orphan Dusty II is one "Larry Hancock", and while we have our doubts that the two are the same person, there was a Larry Hancock (died: 3 January 2011) in the great and forgotten — if not simply unknown — Cleveland-based funk band, S.O.U.L. ("Sounds Of Unity and Love").
S.O.U.L. — Soul:

(1981, dir. Ed De Priest & Alain Patrick)

"Tell me if it hurts....I won't stop, but tell me anyway."
Dr. Chambers (Paul Thomas) 

Thank you, emovieposter.com for the image above. Did Novak finger this movie? Dunno for sure, but over at AV Maniacs a dude lists it and a few other Something Weird porno flicks of the Bucky Goes to the Movies series as Novak releases, and as we know that some of the listed are indeed Novak flicks, we'll give this one here the benefit of doubt and include it — although, in truth, we couldn't find any other reference that tied the two together and have MAJOR doubts that Novak had anything to do with Skintight (aka Love Cures).
The plot, as given at the NSFW, incest-obsessed porn site Incezt.net: "ST is one of the more emotionally intense of the late Golden Age films, and does a fine job of combining sex with a sinister, edgy kind of Cronenberg mentality. Dr. Chambers (Paul Thomas) is the head of a sex therapy institute, and is cracking up. He is obsessed with therapist Samantha (Annette Haven), and in a series of recurring fantasies, he dreams of Miss Haven, dressed in skintight black leather, in a nightmare setting of shadowy sexual activity. Lisa (Lisa Deleuw) also inhabits this fantasy realm. Thomas is already in a bitter confused state because of unusual sexual problems with his wife, and when Haven (also the victim of Thomas' recurring obscene phone calls) leaves to get married [to "Tony", otherwise known as Randy West], Thomas snaps completely. [...]"
At Pornonomy, "Roger Feelbert" says: "The way the film (and it's seemingly contradictory tones) comes together in the end leaves me with two (seemingly contradictory) opinions: 1. The film is a hot mess that was put together on the fly (or there's a director's cut out there with an additional 30 minutes that makes sense from beginning to end); or 2. Skintight is a bit of auteur genius that has more in common with Cronenberg's Spider (2002 / trailer) or Herzog's Bad Lieutenant (2009 / trailer) than with Deep Throat (1972 / soundtrack) or even Behind the Green Door (1972). If it's the former, then I can at least say that it's worth checking out for a great opening credit sequence [...] and the film rates a C-. If it's the latter, though, Skintight is the most mind-bending adult film I've seen since the excellent Neon Nights (1981 / full NSFW movie) and rates an A."
Soundtrack to
Behind the Green Door:
The earliest film that we can find that involved Ed De Priest is Milton Blair's Safari (1967), which we looked at in our R.I.P Career Review of Paul Hunt and for which Priest did the cinematography. Often utilizing the pseudonym Hayes Dupree, De Priest wrote, directed or produced such (s)exploitive films as The Kill (1968), Blow the Man Down (1968), Hedonistic Pleasures (1969), One Million AC/DC (1969, written by Ed Wood Jr. / trailer), The Affairs of Aphrodite (1970), The Hard Road (1970), Six Women (1971), Midnight Intruders (1973), Love Games (1976), and Female Fever (1977); he already began dabbling with hardcore as the producer of Bob Chin's 1970 "white coater" The History of Pornography (1970) and finally moved into hardcore with Getting Off (1979).
Skintight was written and co-directed by Alain Patrick, who as an actor can be found in the David F. Friedman production Thar She Blows! (1968), Drum (1976 / trailer below), and Panama Red (1976 / first 5 minutes), one of Bob Chinn's few non-porn movies.
Trailer to
Drum (1976):
The original hard rock music for Skintight was composed and performed by Paul Sabu, the son of Sabu the Jungle Boy; he followed this, his début as composer, with the music to Hard Rock Zombies (1985 / trailer below), which Cracked.com rightly has on its list of The 5 Most Baffling Horror Movies From Around the World.
Trailer to
Hard Rock Zombies (1985):


The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau
(1981, dir. "Carlos DeSantos")

Aka The Seven Seductions. Yet another of a number of porn films by director Charles Webb (aka Carlos DeSantos Chuck Angel, Charles De Santi, Charles De Santos, Charles DeSantos, Lowell Pickett) that Harry Novak / Valiant International Pictures distributed (see the poster above), as they did Webb's earlier movies The Liberation of Honeydoll Jones (1977), Thoroughly Amorous Amy (1978) and Johnny Does Paris (1979). Webb was one of those who often tried to make "serious" porn, which generally meant a semblance of a plot and a depressing ending, and this flick here is one such project. (Some edits out there remove the final pan shot of the movie, thus emasculating the film's intended sucker punch.)
As DVD Drive-in says, when talking about quality smut of the Golden Age, "Many historians mark 1978 as the best year of Golden Age adult filmmaking, with the highest-quality output of the industry before and since, but 1981 was an equally important year, and was arguably the last really momentous year of the industry, seeing a good amount of classy, big-budget productions released to theaters, many of which could compete with Hollywood films of the period. Madame Lau is one of these."
As the original title (The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau) indicates, the inspiration of the plot is The 7 Faces of Doctor Lao (1964 / trailer below) — one can only assume that Madame Lau's serious tone has more to do with the book than the kiddy film. Like The 7 Faces of Doctor Lao, which features round-eyed Tony Randall playing an Asian, Madame Lau also features an obvious white chick in "Asian" make-up — be what it may, Annette Haven is at least a lot hotter looking than Tony Randall. One could, perhaps, object to the black-face sex scene, but how else should Annette Haven play a female version of Johnnie Keyes in Beyond the Green Door (1972)?  
Trailer to
The 7 Faces of Doctor Lao (1964):
The plot as found everywhere online is: "Christopher Hamilton (Richard Pacheco) is a wealthy and arrogant British playboy seeking the ultimate sexual experience. His quest eventually leads him to the mysterious sanctuary of Madame Lau (Annette Haven), an exotic oriental temptress endowed with mystical powers. She promises Christopher that he will find the gratification he seeks — but that the key to this treasured reward lies only within himself. Transforming herself into a host of beautiful women (Georgina Spelvin & Laura Lazare [as a silent "Farrah Fawcett" star] & Kay Parker), Madame Lau caters to Christopher's every whim, and soon he is ushered into an erotic world where his fantasies come to life in graphic detail."
Pacheco, born Howard Marc Gordon (aka Dewey Alexander, Mack Howard, Marc Howard, Mark Howard, Richard Pecheko, Norman Vain and McKinley Howard) was, as "Howie Gordon", Playgirl's Man of the Year for 1979; the pictorial proved a grower not a shower. (Nothing like a pleasant surprise!) He "retired" from the screen with the appearance of AIDS in the early 80s, and his last known screen appearance was in the 2010 documentary After Porn Ends, which is about life after being a porn actor.
Trailer to
After Porn Ends:
The film's novelty casting comes in the form of formerly well-known stripper Carol "Silicone" Doda, looking "like an ageing transvestite with fake boobs", along for the ride for some inappropriate comedy reaction shots and a soft-core sex scene — her presence, however, is made up for by that of Haven, the unjustly forgotten Laura Lazare and, of course Kay Parker.
Kay Parker as a Talking Head in the Mocumentary,
Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star (2006):


Young Doctors in Lust
(1982, dir. Darr Michaels)

Thanks again to emovieposter.com. In the case of this porno movie here, an on-line search at US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014) reveals that Harry Novak and Valiant International Pictures applied for a copyright to it — good enough a reason for us to take a look at it.
Any similarities in the title to the previous year's hit comedy Young Doctors in Love (1982 / trailer below) is/was purely intentional, of course. Young Doctors in Lust was produced by Lawrence T. Cole, a man perhaps most famous for producing and directing the two short films in which Linda Lovelace made her screen début, Dogarama and Dog Fucker, both from 1971. Director "Darr Michaels" seems to have fallen off the face of the earth after a limited output of hand-helpers.
Trailer to
Young Doctors in Love (1982):
Over at Rame.net, in their list of "historically significant movies", they says this movie is "another one of those non-stop sex movies which seem to have been made with a lot of flair in the late 70s early 80s". Sex Fetish Form points out that the movie features "a plot you haven't seen before — oh, no, wait, you probably have. This fiery sexvid once again uses the old sex clinic story to tie its action together. Well, maybe we shouldn't be so dismissive of the plotline. After all, this one is from way back in 1982 when the sex clinic plot probably still seemed fresh. [...] Basically, the clinic specializes in treating women who have problems letting go during sex — they're too hung up to get truly into it. The docs at this clinic have some salacious ways to fix that kind of problem, though, as they do in scene after scene of highly charged sizzle."

Intimate Explosions
(1982, dir. Darr Michaels)

A mystery movie! An online search at US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014) reveals that both Harry Novak and Valiant International Pictures applied for a copyright to it.
E-Movie Posters has a rare poster of the movie, but knows nothing about the movie ("If anyone knows more about this movie, please e-mail us and we will post it here"). The poster reveals it as a movie "edited and directed by" Darr Michaels, produced by Lawrence T. "Dogarama" Cole, and written by "Marschall Duran" who, like "Bella A Howell", is a name that goes nowhere. It isn't listed at imdb, and even Jason S. Martinko's The XXX Filmography, 1968-1988 is of no help, saying little more than "This obscure movie was directed by Darr Michaels in 1982."
Intimate Explosions seems to share all the same receptacles and protein fountains as the equally obscure porno Exhibitionists (1982), but that could mean nothing. Anyone out there know anything about either movie?

(1982, dir. Harry H. Novak, as "H. Hershey")

Thanks again to emovieposter.com. It is an accepted fact that Novak directed this movie, one of only two where he receives credit, if only pseudonymously ("H. Hershey" also did Moments of Love, which we look at later). Some sources, however, claim that the movies co-producer Joe Sherman is the director of both movies. In any event, Mutt and Jeff did the editing, and Otto Focus the cinematography.
The plot, according to the DVD back cover: "Feast your eyes on a carnal cornucopia of lust-filled erotic Inspirations, featuring a sizzling superstar cast. Ron Jeremy plays a down-and-out doctor who recalls his horny hobby, secretly filming his sex-crazed patients in action. Saucy Serena is first to reveal her kinky fulfillment with two torrid transvestites. Then, an Indian swami slips the salami to delicious Danielle (and you thought the curry was hot!). Luscious Lisa De Leeuw hits new heights of daring debauchery, while Mai Lin gives her all in an outrageous display of oriental orality. Expect many more frantic frolics from the gals who need very little erotic encouragement!"
Lisa De Leeuw, born Lisa Trego, in Moline, Illinois 3 July 1958, supposedly died of AIDS-related complications on 11 November 1993. According to this facebook page ("A life lived without boundries [sic], apologies or excuses"), Danielle (aka Danelle, Dannielle, Melody, Martin Danielles, Martin Danielle, Danielle Martin), born Tracy Danielle Martin on 03 April 1962 — that's her above — died as Tracy Danielle Martin-Watson on 30 November 2011. Ron Jeremy, on the other hand, is still around despite looking half dead; some of his relatively recent non-porn films — Andre the Butcher (2005 / trailer) and One-Eyed Monster (2008) — are on our "Watch When We're Stoned" List.
Trailer to
One-Eyed Monster (2008):


Valley Wives
(1983 Darr Michaels)

Aka Cheating Wives. Another obscure porno film directed by Michaels — his last directorial job, as far as we can tell — that, according to an on-line search at US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014),  Harry Novak and Valiant International Pictures applied for a copyright to.
The only "plot" description we could find anywhere was at ericaboyer.net, which says: "A young executive hires a PI to get the goods on all the execs above him in the company, and what their wives are doing as well." Among the wives is one played by Rita Ricardo, the real-life wife of director Charles Webb (see: Johnny Does Paris [1979], Thoroughly Amorous Amy [1978], The Liberation of Honeydoll Jones [1977] and The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau [1981]). Another wife is played by "early anal queen" Lili Marlene
Angelo "The Italian Superstallion" Rivera was out of porn within two years — or at least changed his name.

Fantasex Island
(1983, writ & dir. Lawrence "Dogarama" T. Cole)

Needless to say, any resemblance to the once-popular TV series Fantasy Island (1977–1984) is purely intentional. This movie, like so many of the X-rated productions looked at here, is another one that an on-line search at US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014) reveals a copyright request by Harry Novak and Valiant International Pictures — good enough a reason for us to take a look at it. For this film, producer Lawrence "Dogarama" T. Cole (born "Robert Wolfe") took over the scriptwriting and direction.
The NSFW website Hot Movies has a plot description: "Visit Fantasex Island, where guests have their most secret sexual fantasies fulfilled with lustful pleasure! Meet your Fantasex Island guides: Dork (Pepe Peru), a Latin gentleman and his lascivious midget, Pu-Pu (Luis De Jesus [30 June 1952 — 27 July 1988], credited as "Mr. Short Studd"). Mr. Dork and Pu-Pu make certain each exotic fantasy is carried completely to its wildest limits. A hard-riding cowboy who rustles up a saloon girl and takes her for a hard and fast sex ride — a Victorian gentleman and the willing maid showing the proprietors a thing or two about boudoir antics — a young male student teaching his modest etiquette teacher the manners of lustful and raw sex — a gambler who must settle his debts with his virginal sister offered as payment to the owners of a house of ill repute — a blushing, innocent bride who discovers her husband's kinky ideas of marital bliss on their honeymoon night — an oversexed maid who is pleasantly controlled by the lord and lady of the manor. Poor frustrated Pu-Pu, 10 years of Fantasex Island and still no action."
Among the working moaners and groaners: an unknown David Morris, born 9 January 1952, who, after almost 20 years in the industry ODed in Florida on 21 May 1999, and Juliet "Aunt Peg" Anderson (23 July 1938 — 11 Jan 2010), who once claimed that she never had to fake an orgasm in any of her films.
Of the island's hosts, Luis De Jesus (aka Mr. Short Studd, Mr. Shortstud, Short Studd, Louie Short Stud, Mr. Short Stud, Louis Shortstud, Little Louis) has the honor of being one of the earliest (at 4 feet, 3 inches [130 cm]) vertically challenged actors to spew cream onscreen when he began his career in the 1971 short film, The Anal Dwarf, co-starring Veri Knotty, which he followed with an important role in Gerard Damiano's muppet-porn feature Let My Puppets Come (1976 / fan trailer / credit sequence). Luis De Jesus even made it into an occasional non-porn flick, like Chuck Vincent's failed attempt at mainstream comedy, American Tickler (1977 / first 8.42 minutes) and the Chevy Chase vehicle Under the Rainbow (1981 / typically unfunny scene), but his true claim to ever-lasting fame comes from that classic grindhouse cult favorite, The Incredible Torture Show aka Blood Sucking Freaks (1976).
Trailer to
Blood Sucking Freaks:


That's My Daughter
(1983, dir. Charles Webb)

Aka In Search of Angel, the movie is a hardcore "satire" of Paul Schrader's morality tale, Hardcore (1979 / trailer). As the original poster reveals, it was a Valiant International (aka Harry Novak) picture. Screenplay by "George Kale", who hasn't been heard of since.
Over at Incest Erotica, as might be expected they give a description of every incestuous scene of the movie — which involves a Daddy and a Step Daddy (John Leslie [25 Jan 1945 — 5 Dec 2010]) — but we'll take the less-detailed account found at the falsely named Celebrity Nude Database: "Harry (Pat Moorehead), a business man while screwing glances up at the porno playing and see's his daughter (Karen Sweet) starring in it. So he hires a private detective (Eric Edwards) to find her for him. So the detective and Angel, his secretary (Sharon Mitchell) go about finding her. [...] The ending didn't make a lick of sense. For porn from the 'Golden Age' of the genre, this one was a letdown."
Dr. Sharon Mitchell — she received a Ph.D. from the unaccredited, San Francisco-based Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality — has also appeared in an occasional non-porn project, such as Maniac (1980 / trailer), Night of the Juggler (1980 / full movie) and Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991 / full movie). Once-popular, now-forgotten starlet Arcadia "Backdoor Brunette" Lake appears un-credited in the movie as Leslie; possibly born Michelle M. Carpenter on 3 September 1957 and best known-best known for her portrayal of Tammy in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas, she supposedly died of an accidental drug overdose on 13 September 1990.
Class of Nuke 'Em High Part 2 Theme Song:

Moments of Love
(1983, dir. Harry Novak as "H. Hershey")

Over at Critical Condition, it is claimed that "the last known film that Novak was directly involved with was Moment of Love" — this movie here. An arguable statement, but it does seem to be the last movie he is known to have directed.
According to one on-line source, "The John Holmes credit is a scam… there is a John Holmes video on in the background!" Likewise, despite what the DVD cover looks like, Mai Lin is a minor character in this Nicole Black vehicle." (*Sigh* — Nicole Black [aka Nicole Noire, Nicole Noir, and Jeanette James]: whatever happened to her anyways?)
Over at imdb, Anonymous offers a usable plot description: "With Dr. Prober (Ron Jeremy) occupied with buxom Nurse Marnie (Lisa De Leeuw), Tisa Williams (Nicole Black) naps in the waiting room, prompting a fellow patient to take advantage of her hand and breasts. Dr. Prober then tells Tisa she's dying. After an encounter with her female roommate (Mai Lin), Tisa decides to spend her remaining days as a prostitute and write a book about it. Dr. Prober fails reaching Tisa to tell her he gave her the wrong results, until he reads about her whereabouts in a porn magazine. Though angered at first, Tisa admits her experiences provided her a best seller. Nevertheless, she fears the good news would make her readers feel cheated. Therefore, Dr. Prober agrees to announce in a press conference that he just managed to find her a cure. Tisa then receives special treatment by both Dr. Prober and buxom Nurse Marnie, before Dr. Prober steps outside his room to announce to the waiting press that the cure worked."
At rame.net, "The Fool" (fool@the-idiot.com) once wrote: "Moments of Love looks like a very, very late 'drive-in' movie. This video has all the explicit sex, but you can tell where the edit points were to remove the hardcore footage.  Ron Jeremy looks nice, so I was tempted to put the actual date of this film as 1981. [...] This film has just about everything for everybody, but it's rationed out."

Down and Dirty
(1985, dir.  Charles Webb [as Charles DeSantos])

A worthless direct-to-video masturbatory aid that an on-line search at Copyright Encyclopedia reveals that Harry Novak applied for a copyright to it — good enough a reason for us to take a look at it.
The iafd (internet adult film database), just like Jason S. Martinko in The XXX Filmography, 1968-1988, says "The whole movie is just a single orgy, starting with Candy Samples, Janey Robbins and Jon Martin. Then Ashley Welles, John Holmes, Lili Marlene, Mike Horner and Don Fernando show up one by one."
Candy Samples has had credited and uncredited roles in many a fun film — among others: Prison Girls (1972 / trailer), Saddle Tramp Women (1972), Bust Out aka Convicts Women (1973 [see: Part X]), Flesh Gordon (1974 / trailer) Superchick (1973 / see below), the odd time capsule Female Chauvinists (1976 / scene) and two lesser Russ Meyer movies, Up! (1976) and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979 / trailer) — but Down and Dirty here isn't one of them. 
By the way, we saw part of this Down and Dirty online and went gay for a week, so you know it isn't worth seeking out.
Trailer to
Superchick (1973):

Superchick (1973) von bmoviebabe

Come Get Me
(1986, dir.  Charles Webb [as Charles DeSantos])

We can't help but think of TS Elliot and say "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper".
Aka Chain Bang and If You Want Come and Get Me, this is the last movie we could find that we could connect to Harry Novak, the producer. An uninteresting straight-to-video hand helper, a search of the US Copyright Office (done 7 July 2014) reveals a copyright request Valiant International Pictures (aka Harry Novak), so we more or less have to include it here. It is the second-to-last "real" film featuring the once-beautiful Kandi Barbour (seen above from the film, and below not) who, after her next film, Blowing Your Mind (1984), retired to obscurity and a tragic end as a dead homeless woman on January 26, 2012, in San Francisco.
Over at imdb, the Canadian aialaopele (who finds the movie "morbid rather than erotic") supplies the only review of the hand-helper that we could find anywhere: "If you are familiar with P.T. Andersen's Boogie Nights (1997 / trailer), you will remember that he choose '83 as the year the characters in his film hit the skids. I wouldn't be surprised if he had seen Come Get Me and based the chronology of his story on the film in review. [...] This was a vanity porn film produced by coke dealers who perhaps wanted to meet some porn stars, or show-off their houses, whatever. That this was committed to film instead of video is testament to the fact that someone had money to burn. What there is of a storyline is based on Kandi Barbour's character and her boyfriend's relationship is on the rocks and the boyfriend is about to leave her. She gives him the option to think it over and if he wants to maintain the relationship to 'come get her' at her girlfriend's, Jennfer West's, house where she will be staying. While waiting at this house, we are privy (or not!) to witness a number of sexual encounters involving the assorted people who are passing-by to visit. [...] Sadly, both Jennifer West and Kandi Barbour are not looking their best in this film. They are both overweight and spent more time using their hands to hide the unattractive parts of their bodies rather than grope their partners. The puffies for which Kandi Barbour is famous have been eclipsed with fat! In the scene where she is partnered with Jennifer West, she looks lost in a haze. This film can only be viewed as evidence in a cautionary tale about real life Icarian flights in a fantasy world that is the porn industry."
Jennifer West (aka Susan Young, Sally Ballgargle, Jenniffer West, Sally Sag, Tina Ross, C.C. Malone, Cece Malone, Sally Swift) did an occasional mini-appearance in non-porn "movies" such as Auditions (1978), the absolutely psychotronic Night of the Demon (1980 / full movie), where after some badly dubbed moaning she meets her end in a van, and the hilarious Hell Squad (1986 / trailer).
Trailer to
Night of the Demon:

Follow the link for Part XV.

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